The Rough & Tumble + Oh Jeremiah | Chattanooga House Concert

By Chattanooga House Shows (other events)

Saturday, March 9 2019 6:00 PM 11:00 PM

Harmony House Concerts and Chattanooga House Shows are teaming up for a double-header night of music with "thriftstore-Americana duo," The Rough & Tumble and "thoughtful and witty" folk songwriter duo, Oh Jeremiah. 

* This is a private event * If we haven't met or you haven't attended a show of Brandy or Kristy's before, please message us to request an invite * 

  • $20 Suggested donation. 100% goes directly to the artists
  • Location is in Red Bank, exact adress sent the night before to those RSVP'ed 
  • We’ll provide sodas and water, anything else is BYOB
  • Show will be mostly floor seating - bring a pillow or blanket! Chairs provided for those who need/prefer
  • Order not determined until show, so make sure to come in time to see both!
  • There is a firepit in the backyard and you're welcome to hang out after


  • 6 PM - Doors open, come hang! 
  • 6PM - 7PM Potluck style dinner, bring food to share
  • At 7 PM, we’ll ask everyone to finish up their food, refill their drinks, take a restroom break and have a seat
  • We’ll introduce the first artist, and they’ll take the stage then we'll take a short break and the second band will perform 
  • Each artist will perform about a 45 minute set
  • 9 PM Music will wrap up and folks are welcome to stay for a bit

** RSVP here and means we are holding a spot for you! ** These are professional touring musicians and please treat your RSVP as a non-refundable paid ticket. If you can't make it, please find a friend to take your spot or consider donating directly to the artist. Thank you! 

Now, a little more about the artists....

// T H E  R O U G H  &  T U M B L E // 
The dumpster-folk, thriftstore-Americana duo, consisting of Mallory Graham & Scott Tyler, have been hobbling around the country in their 16’ camper since 2015... Limited in space, The Rough & Tumble are a new kind of collector: songwriting with illustration, and arranging each song with a menagerie of instruments, ranging from acoustic guitars to mailbox snares to a banjulele.  "Their Americana music is restorative, their performance highly entertaining, their orchestra of unusual instruments intriguing, and… jokes and stories are worthy of an HBO special." (Linda Bolton, Cozy Cabin House Concerts).

Music, more about The Rough & Tumble, and find them on the socials:

// O H  J E R E M I A H //
Oh Jeremiah is the singer/songwriter duo made up of Jeremiah Stricklin and his wife Erin. Started in south Mississippi and currently residing in Athens, GA, the couple draws its inspiration from the storytelling nature of their home state, echoing the likes of Paul Simon and Bob Dylan. Oh Jeremiah is known for its harmonies in the style of early Damien Rice and their peculiar onstage banter. Their debut album, the Other End of Passing Time, is available now.

Music, more about Oh Jeremiah, and find them on the socials: